Sunday School | 9:00AM 

Sunday Worship | 10:00AM 
​If you think there’s more to life than finding someone to love for a while, or making a lot of money, or just trying to be happy with what you have, you’ve found the right place. If you think there’s more to life than just the latest fads, the highest technology, the coolest styles, you’ve been led to the right site. 

 If you long to find out about the bedrock truths on which all of life is based, look right here. Gloria Dei is a church, rooted in the very Being and words of the one and only God who created everything and all life, the God who created you in love. God never changes. He’s always steadfast, never looking away, never changes His mind, always faithful, always keeps His promises. There’s no interest in the trendy here, the vacuous feelgood movements or the latest social/political programs that forever change their methods and goals while never accomplishing anything lasting. If you think you need to get connected to Him who made you and made you unique and special, you’ll find an intimate, welcoming family at Gloria Dei. 

Come see us sometime, and maybe you’ll meet the One 
you’ve been looking for all your life and never knew it !

Looking forward to meeting you !

Jesus bless you,
Pastor Wesley Masanosuke Cummins

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4557 Lemay Ferry Road | St. Louis, MO 63129
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